Rockin’ The Rheum: Bouldering Short Video of Level V1 Challenge!

It hasn’t been long since I couldn’t even climb up the staircase at subway stations at the early stage of my Rheumatoid Arthritis, so I was excited when I was able to finally climb a basic level V0. Since then, bouldering became my main exercise to live with RA. After I felt like I mastered the beginner level, I was ready to move on to V1-requiring trickier foot moves, hand-holds, and angles. The first time I tried V1, I felt like there is a big gap between V0 and V1. It was so challenging for me to complete it. The angle of the wall and height were so scary. My insecurity prevented going forward. The only thing to overcome the fear of heights is just to keep climbing and practicing. I tried for days and finally, I completed it! When I got close to the top, I just didn’t want to fall. My mind was in a survival mood, so my brain was telling my muscles “Catch it and hold it!” The excitement of reaching the top was priceless. Now I gained more confidence than ever before!

Completed level V1 the first time!

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