Rockin’ the Rheum: The Reason I Began Bouldering

So many people love bouldering and I am one of them. For me, bouldering is like solving a puzzle by using physics and body movement. Since I started bouldering, I’ve gotten more confident about my body despite Rheumatoid Arthritis. I feel like I’m a superwoman even though I have a chronic disease. I just want to share my life with RA and my bouldering journey. I hope I can inspire other people who have similar conditions as mine.

In addition to RA, in the summer of 2021, I got a big bone spur in my right heel and it had been acting out so badly. The pain was like I was walking on a mountain of needles. Then I started getting physical therapy. My body was so weak and out of shape before I started physical therapy, but after eight months, I could start walking again – I didn’t have to stand around struggling and waiting for my body to be able to get moving like a stalled train on the NYC subway!  

I started bouldering in June of 2022, so I am a newbie. I will share one of my early-stage videos in the next blog post. I am embarrassed to share the videos of me bouldering, but in the future, I hope to look back…and see the progress!  

Yey, the first time reaching the top of V1!
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