Snoopy and Me Reunion in NYC

Snoopy has been back on Earth since December 11th, 2022 after working as a Zero-Gravity-Indicator in Artemis 1, 1.4 million miles traveling around Moon, and going through an atmosphere that is 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Last week, January 29th, 2023, Melissa Menta, Peanuts Worldwide, kindly invited us to see him in person!

Snoopy in the special suits case. He was tagged as a “Zero-G Indicator”

I knew he has no damage from traveling in space, but I was amazed that he was in exactly the same condition as I handed to Melissa before the Artemis launch. He is still sparkly clean!

Martin Izquierdo [Designer of Astronaut Snoopy], Cannon [The Cannon Media Group], and Shima [Creator of Astronaut Snoopy] celebrate the success of Snoopy coming back to Earth.
Ken Berman [Earth Snoopy’s helmet creator], my husband, also welcomed him back to NYC.
Me and Astronaut Snoopy’s reunion. “I missed you!”

It was really nice to see not only Snoopy but also the whole team again except Ted Southern, who moved to Texas, who provided us with great knowledge about space suit materials, and was an important role in to bridge between NASA and us. This project gave me a wonderful experience to create a historical art piece. It opened my eyes to a new interest in space science. I am a very lucky person to know the people on this team and I am very proud of it.

He has been moving to his final destination at Snoopy Museum in Sanat Rosa, CA.

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